A woodshed or woodshed is a place to store firewood . If your house is heated with wood or you use it for other needs, such as making a fire for barbecue , heating a bath in your yard, then you need to equip the house for them. If you live in a house where there is stove heating , then a large supply of firewood is needed and keeping them in the house is not the best option. In this case, it would be more correct to allocate a place in the yard for building a woodshed.... The option with a fireplace in the house is practiced in medium to large rooms. Fireplaces are used for additional heating, or simply to appease the flame when you look at it. In this option, it is better to install a portable wood burning stove, with a small amount of solid fuel. Depending on the purpose for which the wood is used, where the place for starting the fire is located, you should accordingly choose the option of purchasing or building a storage facility for solid fuel.

Portable wood logs

Today, the choice of non-stationary storage for firewood is great. It can be design, newfangled developments, carefully selected for your interior, and simple, homemade. If the house or apartment has a fireplace, which is heated systematically or from time to time, it is desirable that there is always a small portion of firewood near it. A small portable container or structure is best suited for this purpose. Manufacturers offer a large selection of portable fireboxes made of wood, wrought iron; combined designs, where the frame is made of solid materials, and artificial leather is used as a storage space. They can be light or heavy; beautiful and fashionable; simple and convenient. Vertical designs will help save space. It is advisable that there is a stand under the firewood, onto which the garbage from the firewood will be poured. There are options for small floor-standing fireplaces, which provide a compartment for storing logs. Other storage options are possible, cheaper, but also quite interesting.You can go through your old things, for sure you can find an old tin bucket or basin, a metal basket or something similar in them.

Firewood storage niches

This option is suitable for those who have small square meters and need to store solid fuel for their fireplace somewhere. In the wall and on separate islands, using partitions, you can make niches for storing firewood. It can also be under the shelves that are low from the floor; one of the walls of the room, in which a niche was artificially built in and firewood was laid. Such a wall has a double function: decoration and storage. You can make or buy log racks or cabinets. Do not forget about the space under the stairs if you have a duplex apartment or house. This place is often left unoccupied. It is perfect for this purpose, it can be equipped with compartments or shelves for storage.

Outdoor woodburners

A dwelling house or a summer cottage has an additional outdoor area, which allows you to build or attach a firewood on the street to other buildings. Most often, when there is such a territory, the preparation of logs is done for making a fire, to cook meat or to heat a bath, sauna. It is possible to heat the house with a wood-burning stove or a boiler. An option, when there is no time, desire and opportunity to build a wood log yourself, you can buy it. Today on the sites of online stores there are many offers for the sale of ready-made structures for storing firewood. The option of building a firewood with your own hands assumes two possible options: attached to other rooms in the yard or as a separate building.

Attached woodshed

An attached or built-in firebox is possible for utility rooms on the site or a built-in place in the fence (niche). Such storage facilities must necessarily be raised from the ground, it is necessary to build a foundation or install supports that will support the supporting structure. It is advisable to choose the location of the structure on the north side of the utility rooms or at home. It is important that there is good ventilation, which affects the drying of firewood. This version of the structure implies that the back wall of the firebox is the wall of the building to which it is attached. The entire structure consists of a raised floor or foundation attached to the building, four supports, two side walls and a roof (shed). The frame and the building itself can be made of metal or wood. Convenient access to firewood is important. This option is more suitable for the summer option,for example a summer residence. Since the firebox is partially closed, it is possible for solid fuel to get wet and damp. The sun's rays can dry out the logs and cause a fire. Even the appearance of insects in the woodshed cannot be ruled out. If they start in the logs, then later, when you bring firewood into the house, they can damage your furniture.

Separate woodshed

When a large and year-round supply of wood is needed, it is better to organize a separate building according to all the rules. Make a construction plan, make calculations, purchase material. It is important that there is good ventilation inside the room, for this you need to take care of the correct placement of firewood and easy access to them. The capacity or volume of firewood must be taken into account when calculating square meters. The room must be suitable for storage during the winter season, so take care of the roof and its covering so that there is no water leakage, which will lead to mold and wood decay. The appearance of the woodshed also matters, especially if your site is created in some style, there is a design idea.Slate, corrugated board, roofing material, galvanized iron, ondulin are used as material for the manufacture of roofing. The foundation can be made of ceramic bricks, concrete blocks, or cast concrete on site. The walls themselves can be built from bricks, planks or metal.

Various outdoor facilities

There is an option of open structures for a small amount of firewood, made of metal in the form of a honeycomb. They are compact and convenient in that they can be placed one cell on top of another in different variations. You can build lightweight portable wood logs from wooden pallets, rabbit pens. The use of concrete rings for the well is also a very useful option for storing fuel. All kinds of structures are made from forged metal and in different shapes: triangular, semicircular, rectangular. Old wooden barrels may be suitable for this purpose.If a room or yard requires you to streamline the storage of firewood - choose which of the options is right for you, based on your efforts, time and money.